Simon Geiregat
Doctor of Law (PhD)
Assistant Professor in Intellectual Property & Digital Law
Tilburg University | Ghent University​​​​​​​

Peer-reviewed articles
Peer-reviewed book chapters
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Part of the Digital Law Special Interest Group and
the Members Consultative Committee of 
the ALI-ELI project on Principles for a Data Economy
Independent association that focuses on the development of European law. 
Organizes congresses, projects and meetings on various law topics.

Worldwide, independent association that studies copyright and droit d'auteur.
Annually organizes a congress with regard to a specific ‘hot topic'.

Study group that focuses on copyright in Belgium, the EU and on an international level.
Organizes study days and business lunches and actively involves in future legislation.

Ghent University – University of Antwerp
Cooperation between two Flemish universities, studying the expanding amount of consumer law.
Organizes study days and meetings.

Ghent University
Research group at the Faculty of Law & Criminology.
Holds meetings and organizes study days on various topics
connected with torts and contractual liability..
Intellectual property
Digitization & the law
Commercial law
Consumer contracts

Graphic design

Faculty of Law and Criminology
Dept. of Interdisciplinary Study of Law, Private Law and Business Law